About Joi Dreams


How it All Began ...

Joi Dreams is a life long  lover of everything that makes people feel beautiful inside and out. In 1994, Ms Dreams decided to

do her part in assisting in beautifying the world through styling. Born and raised in the Bronx, Ms. Dreams had a vast array of

people of different ethnicities, hair textures and uninhibited willingness to be canvases to create beautiful hair creations. 

After owning a salon in the Parkchester section of the Bronx for 5 years, Joi noticed the focus  of many stylists and

customers went from hair care to "what looked good that night." Ms. Dreams began to dedicate all her efforts to make her

clients of every age, gender and ethnicity desire to take care of their hair and themselves. Joi researched the products and

foods that would best help maintain and encourage healthy hair, scalps and bodies. The environment at Joi's Place (Ms.

Dreams' salon she owned in the Bronx) encouraged healthy minds, spirits and networking.


In 2001, Ms Dreams took her skills and passions to Fairbanks, Alaska for a year. While in Alaska, Joi learned how to maintain

healthy hair in extreme environments and with limited resources. Living on a military base also enhanced Joi's skill in clipper



In 2002, Ms. Dreams moved her skills and passions to Northern Virginia. While working in three high end spas in the Old

Town Alexandria area, Joi added to her already acquired skills, aesthetician. After honing her skills working in the Old Town

Alexandria spas, Joi decided to open her own quaint salon in the Del Ray section of Alexandria. Since opening Joi Dreams

Salon, Ms. Dreams has continued to encourage all her clients to eat healthier, use products that encourage healthier hair

and scalps and reducing the desire to partake in the newest unhealthy "fads" for hair. 


During Joi's over 20 years as a stylist she has become progressively discouraged and enraged by the unhealthy products

and fads that are being developed and used on clients. While using a certain popular product line's shampoo, Ms. Dreams

hair and hand was burned. After reading the ingredients Joi realized several carcinogens with one side affect being burning

of the skin was included in the development of the shampoo. After  this experience Joi decided to begin creating healthier

natural products, and it also lead to her beginning to blog. 


Making others feel and look beautiful has been a passion of Joi from the beginning of the this hair journey...and still is.