Joi Dreams Salon First Bi-Annual SPA WEEK

Week Of July 22nd:


Joi Dreams Salon & Spa Is Offering Classes This Tuesday between 5:30pm-7:00pm. Participants must RSVP. Refreshments will be served.

  • “Intro to the Tremendous Tuél Skin Care Line” Class:  Come learn how to deep cleanse your face at home with our healthy plant based skincare line. A great deep cleanse can provide a great foundation for your make-up or a natural glow that can help you skip make-up altogether! 

  • “The Power Behind Powder Dip Nails” Class: Powder dip nails are a healthier, natural looking and long-lasting alternative to the harsh gel nails. Come learn all you want to know about the our new service.  

  • “The Spectacular Scruples Color Line” Class with Joi Dreams: Come learn all you have ever wanted to know about color as a client. All participants will learn all about our diverse and extensive Scruples Color Line.

  • “Kill Two Birds With One Stone” Mini Services are our new collection of spa services that can be completed in the salon while you receive your hair service. Our mini services are: Dry Manicures, Dry Pedicures, Mini Facials and Chair Massage. Prices range from $18-$30.