Rain, Sleet, Snow & Hair

Well ladies and gentlemen it is cold. It has not reached the freezing mark yet, but oh just wait, it is coming. This is a prefect time to prepare ourselves in every way for the cold months.


As the temperature drops we all cover up to get warm. Hats can be a comfort and also a torture chamber for our heads. Yes, you should wear a hat as it gets cold, but you have to ensure it is not keeping you warm while drying your hair out.

  • If you opt for a wool hat have a rayon or another silky textured material sewn into it. Doing this will allow the hat to keep you warm while maintaining
    your hair's moisture.

  • Gentlemen, if you opt for a fitted cap (ex: Yankees fitted...I'm a bit bias when it comes to fitted hats ;)  ), having a bit of  a rayon/silky material sewn into the rim of the fitted hat will help protect your hair from the abrasive rubbing that can occur when the inner band of the hat as it sits so snugly against your head.

Moisturizing is very important during the dry winter months. We all must moisturizes from the inside out.

  • Water is just as important during the winter as it is in the warmer months. Hydrating yourself help to keep your skin hydrated and subtle.

  • Ladies make a effort to get a moisturizing treatment applied to your hair monthly during the colder months. This will help replenish the moisture lost while we go out into the cold and enter into the dry heat of our homes and work places.

  • Ladies, opt for a wash and set rather than a blow dry if you are relaxed.

  • If you have naturally coarse curly hair you should consider and oil treatment when you opt to blow your hair straight. This will make your hair more manageable, will protect the hair from the heat and leave the hair with body and shine. Dream Potions All Natural Band-Aid Oil Treatment is excellent!

  • If you have naturally straight or wavy hair you should not blow dry your hair more than twice a week, use a moisturizing root booster or a leave-in conditioner along with a small amount of argon oil rather than mousses and gels that boast to have hold and pliability. You need moisture way more than hold in the colder months.

  • Keep up with your trims.Dry air and cold air gives the average spit end power like spinach strengthens Popeye. A trim or haircut customized to your face shape and your lifestyle will hold up very well in the cold dry weather.

  • Weave and wig wearers...stop it. Build the strength and integrity of your own hair during these winter months. You will be surprised how much hair you will have by the warmer months if you start now.

  • Instead of bleach for highlights asks your stylist to consider a high lift blonde which can be less aggressive depending on the brand of color.

  • Finally Ladies, STOP APPLYING YOUR OWN CHEMICAL SERVICES!!! This is a horrific idea no matter what season we are in, but it is catastrophic during the winter months.

  • My men, add a little olive oil to your conditioner during these months (Ex: in a 8 .oz - 12 .oz bottle of conditioner, add about 1 1/2 tablespoons of Olive Oil.... I use basic Olive Oil instead of Extra Virgin Olive Olive when applying it to hair or the skin). You will be surprised how it will help your hair and scalp retain moisture.

  • To all of my men that use gel, PLEASE back away from the gel! It is not your friend. Try using a pomade or a medium hold molding product on semi to dry hair. You will be pleasantly surprised of how much hold, natural shine and how it will make your hair feel more like hair and less like a weapon.

  • My men with coarse curly hair should invest in some Cold Pressed All Natural Coconut Oil and Sesame Seed Oil. If you place the coconut oil in a warm place it will liquify on its own, but if it does not place about a 1/2 cup in a sandwich bag and allow warm to hot water to run over the bag until the coconut oil is liquified. Pour the coconut oil and a 1/2 cup of sesame oil in a plastic applicator bottle (an 8 .0z bottle should work... This can be found at Sally's Beauty Supply of any other run other mill beauty supply near you). Apply this mixture to your scalp after you wash your hair. You will find that your hair is moisturized and pretty soft.

I hope these few tips help you defend yourself against the war that the winter promises to wage against you.