Cracked Heels: Causes, Prevention & Solutions

Dream Spa Tip Of The Week 


Cracked heels can be a serious issue if they are not addressed. The problem gets worse as we get older because there's loss of the fat pad on the bottom of the foot, and the body replaces it with callouses. 

Soaking your feet will soften the calloused skin. Afterwards dry your feet and apply a moisturizing cream. Cream is recommended rather than lotion, because lotion will allow for the moisture needed for this kind of condition. Wearing socks at night helps maintain the moisture. Also, do not walk around barefoot, this can dry out your feet and allow dirt to get into the cracks. Also, choose your footwear wisely. Wearing shoes with proper backs—not flip-flops or slides—can also help keep heels from cracking. Choose a shoe that keeps your foot a bit off the ground—so dirt doesn't get into any cracks, and that doesn't allow a lot of slipping around or friction is helpful.

 If you have cracked heels, do not ignore the issue. Cracked heels can be treated, but prevention is key. If your cracks are very deep, bleeding, or seem infected—you'll see redness and swelling, it might feel warm, and it will probably hurt—see your primary care doc or a podiatrist. If you heels are not at this point come in to the spa to receive a “Heel Therapy Treatment”.